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Carey Lynch grew up on the Central Coast of California in a community where the arts and boardsports were encouraged.  After high school and extensive travel abroad, he attended Northern Arizona University where he received his BFA in Studio Art with an Emphasis in Painting and a Minor in Philosophy.


While in college, financial factors and the encouragement of his professors led him to value found materials.  Lynch has continued to utilize repurposed supports and recycled paints as staples in his studio.  In addition to skateboards and surfboards he has personally ridden, he has painted on such items as found glass, doors, mirrors, maps, plywood, tools, salvaged construction materials, tarps, and a large jacuzzi cover.  He also became involved with the skateboard scene and participated in art events and the production skateboard videos.


After graduating, Carey and his longtime girlfriend Courtney Davis relocated to Los Osos, CA, where they currently live at the Center for Mystification and Delight.  Lynch has worked a variety of jobs, all of which have influenced his art to different degrees.  He tries to be perceptive to the world around him, which he transforms into both visual art and activities like skateboarding and surfing.


Carey Lynch believes that creativity and appreciation of the world we inhabit are among the highest pursuits.  Creating art has an amazing effect on both the world around and within the artist.  Expression should be encouraged.  Art has the ability to change societies, to end war and greed and cultivate compassion and peace.

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